More Than Surviving: Overview of Work Plan

Our team is still working on creating a detailed, week-by-week work plan with specific deliverables, but we’ve established a broad work plan with key milestones. (Credit to Majel for drafting the plan and identifying the big pieces that need to be accomplished!)

The project’s goal is to launch the More Than Surviving website, which will include an interactive map and timeline related to Wampanoag activism in the antebellum era, as well as bios and descriptions of key activists and events. To launch the site by May 3rd, it will be necessary for the four of us to develop these components, as well as our outreach and social media efforts, concurrently. Some work has already been done — for instance, Majel has gathered a good deal of research and has established connections with community partners/experts who can help facilitate further research.

Over the next few days, we’ll finalize the sequence of tasks and deliverables in our project management space (and share it when we have!), but we hope to meet key milestones by the dates below.

By March 8th:

We will have developed the basic framework for the website, including functioning prototypes of the timeline and map. We’re starting by developing a site map and functional wireframe to establish the site pages and the connections between them. Within the next week, we’ll have established a data structure that will allow us to connect the map, timeline, and bios/event descriptions; in a later phase, we’ll be able to use that structure to populate the site with data from our research. Once this data structure is established, Zelda and Elizabeth will begin developing the site, map, and timeline functionality. At the same time, Majel and Estefany will dive into research, create a list of activists and events that will be highlighted, and begin entering that data into the structure we’ve established.

By March 29th:

The research phase will have concluded, and the team will have drafted copy for the timeline, map, event pages, and activist bios. Estefany and Majel will have developed a draft outreach and social media plan that includes contacts for community members and organizations who will be notified when the site is live. The map and timeline functionality will be finalized and ready for content to be added, and the developers will shift their efforts toward front-end development. The visual design will be ready for implementation.

By April 19th:

The content will have been added to the site, map, and timeline. The social media accounts linked to the project will launch, with preview/promotional content. Elizabeth will develop a Q/A process that includes functionality testing and proofreading.

By April 26th:

We will have completed the Q/A process.

By May 3rd:

The site will be live.

On May 10th:

To commemorate the showcase and official launch, we will email our community partners to encourage them to visit the site and follow the social accounts.