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GS personal bio

GS: developer, co-encoder, and co-researcher for the Feminist Markup JWDP project

Gemma is a governance and control specialist whose expertise is deployed across three of the main European financial markets (London, Paris, and Frankfurt); she has an accounting background and holds a Master’s degree in Economics but, in her free time, keeps cultivating her passion for the literature classics and theatre.
Her BAU mainly consists of running independent investigations on operational errors and blockages of various nature that could prevent trading activities, including electronic and algorithmic issues.
Gemma’s decision to join the Feminist Markup JWDP is not just driven by her interest in learning more about text encoding, but also by the vision of the project which is to tackle an almost unchartered territory in a way that could be understood, and potentially replicated, by others.
At this stage, her tasks rotate around two main pillars: researching Japanese women directors and attempting to encode any related relevant (significance is something that the team is continuously and collectively working on) information in XML. Later, her attention will be diverted to the development of a platform, most likely a website, to display the results of the encoding process and, possibly, the outcome, either partial or complete, of the database built throughout the semester.