Bio about Nuraly Soltonbekov

Nuraly Soltonbekov is a Political Economist with a minor in Computer Science and a graduate of Kingsborough Community College, and Columbia University. He is also currently enrolled at NYU for masters in History. He is fond of research and the big questions that involve processes in historical narratives. He is also former service member of US armed forces, and does speak Russian, and Turkish dialects which helped a lot in his military career. He was part of HUMINT team, meaning human intelligence gathering at Fort. Carson, CO. His language skills were essential in research and gathering of information for the Department of Defense and helped to create manuals in disinformation. His coding skills are intermediate and he has not coded in a long time but it is still his passion as is history and economics. His most proud work of research had to deal with disinformation in Soviet Union and he will always talk about it when given a chance. He is an introvert, and that is why he chose his subject that are more conducive to introvert people.