Week 9_Ob&Up is getting analytical, almost

We’re all working toward our pivotal midpoint (pre-spring break) meeting next week. The goal of the midpoint meeting is to set the direction for the final phase of the project’s development. What exactly these goals are will depend on the preliminary findings of our text analysis. Based on the analyisis results, we will then make final decisions on the structure of the website and its relevant content.  

So, the main goal for next week is to have preliminary text analysis findings. To achieve this, we have to finalize the corpora and then run analysis on Voyant. More complicated analysis (sentiment analysis, e.g.) can possibly wait until after next week’s meeting. Teddy’s Season 12 corpus is ready for analysis, and they will focus on mining the corpus for insights this coming week. Season 2 is still in the midst of cleaning, but the goal is for Maria to finish the final cleaning in time for the initial analysis.

Meanwhile, the development of the website and the game/s is progressing apace. RC is discovering more about the limits of housing a website on the Commons. Plug-ins that might be important for our project, i.e., a Bingo game plug-in, are not allowed/functioning on a CUNY-integrated site. This discovery has led us to reconsider the hosting infrastructure. We’ve decided to adjust the budget, use funds initially earmarked for advertising to buy a hosting service, and see if the game plug-ins can be integrated this way. Nuraly continues to investigate coding for games and existing game plug-in alternatives, and he will coordinate with RC to keep testing the functionality of the project’s games on the site. 

Everyone in our group has had to deal with extracurricular snags this past week. Whether it be illnesses, apartment emergencies, or other unstoppable life emergencies, the reverberations of these aspects of human existence might influence our timeline a bit. We’ll see where we’re at next Wednesday and adjust accordingly.