Estefany’s Biography

Estefany Marlen Gonzaga was born in Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico, and raised in Queens, New York. She is the program coordinator of the Student Success Mentor (SSM) Program at LaGuardia Community College (LaGCC). She began her academic career at LAGCC in 2014.   In the Fall of 2022, Estefany became a  student in the Digital Humanities program at the CUNY Graduate Center. As coordinator of the SSM program, she recruits, trains, and guides peer mentors to support First Year students taking the First Year Seminar Studio Hour. During the Studio Hour, SSMs mentor and teach students how to create an ePortfolio. Her research interest includes Student Success, Peer Mentorship, digital learning, and technology in the classroom.

She joined the More Than Surviving Team and is excited to learn and support the creation of an archive of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe. Her role in the project is Community Outreach Coordinator – (Online Outreach and Social Media Strategy and her secondary roles are UX Designer and Researcher.

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About Estefany M Gonzaga

First Gen | Student Parent | Digital Humanities & Pedagogy Graduate Student | Higher Education Professional Talks about #graphicdesign, #peermentorship, #studentsuccess, #digitallearning, and #professionaldevelopment Estefany Marlen Gonzaga is the Program Coordinator for LaGuardia’s Student Success Mentor (SSM) Program. In this role, she recruits, trains, and guides student leaders who mentor and support new-to-college students in the discipline-specific First-Year Seminar Studio Hour Lab. Having been a mentee and mentor herself, Estefany understands the value and impact of peer mentorship and leverages these experiences in her work with SSMs. Throughout her ten years in CUNY, she has listened to the reasons New Majority students go to college and captured their stories in the video “I am going to college because…” referenced in Cathy N. Davidson’s book The New Education. Estefany holds an Associate of Science in Business Administration from LaGuardia Community College and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication (specialization in Graphic Communication) from Baruch College. In the Fall of 2022, she will continue her studies at the CUNY Graduate Center to pursue a Master of Arts in Digital Humanities, Digital Pedagogy.