Miaoling Skillset

Project management: I have professional experience managing teams to conduct public humanities projects. (Take a look at my past work if you are interested: Exploring Premodern Japan, Japanese Women Directors, the CJR lunch series. My past members in these teams worked in diverse sections on translation, video editing, outreach, grant writing, workshop organizing, tech support, etc.) In addition, I have eight years of experience in international education and have studied and taught in China, Japan, Canada and the United States. My background has shaped my awareness and appreciation of intercultural communication and collaborative working environment. Team and task management apps like Asana are my good friends that helped our past team members stay on track and assist each other. 

Research and writing: I am very familiar with writing in academic settings, such as descriptive, analytical, and critical, and have successfully obtained more than ten fellowships/grants. (some of them are canceled due to Covid travel restrictions.) I have the ability to search for, locate, organize, and present information on a particular topic, ask critical questions and address the questions in my responses.
I am trained in political science, literature, and history, but I also have experience writing medical and scientific proposals/reports. I know where to go if we have questions! But I also want to develop this skill, particularly writing, working in a team this semester.

Outreach/social media: I am not a social media person, but I have experience designing branding strategies and leveraging my network to promote projects and book launches. I also know how to write formal emails in English, Chinese, and Japanese.

Video/audio editing: I use Premiere Pro and Audacity. I know how to manage a YouTube Channel and make subtitles.

Developer: I have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. But I am taking courses on python, tableau, ArcGIS Pro, and XML last and this semester. I am comfortable using Twine, ArcGIS StoryMap, and WordPress. I hope to improve my skills this semester and beyond.