RC Personal Blog – Project Assignment

I was excited (and relieved) coming out of the last class with the project assignment. I’d admit I was a bit nervous with how the project assignment was going to unfold, as there were so many unknowns (e.g., gap in skillset/ interest, feasibility of the projects, what if everybody voted for the same project or not enough people are signing up for each project). 
I found the skillset blog post extremely helpful to get a bird eye’s view of everyone’s skillset as well as interest. The project pitches were also great and helpful to think through the scope of each project. The project assignment exercise was also a useful mental exercise for me to think through which type of digital humanities projects I’m more drawn to, as well as techniques I want to develop. While I still don’t have a concrete idea about what my capstone project might be, it is helpful, nevertheless. 
I found the first and second round voting helpful as it first cut down the project list. It was just a lot of moving variables that introduced a lot of unknown in the beginning (many projects, many skillsets, many potential combinations of groups), cutting out some projects from first round voting and getting initial read on group was helpful on cutting down with the overwhelming information overload. I ended up being part of the project I was most interested in, which is wonderful. I had a make-or-break question around data acquisition that was addressed at the Q&A session.

Our group have already had a skeleton project scope, which I am looking forward to diving into tonight! Overall, I am looking forward to working on the project and seeing what will come out of it at the end of the semester!