repreZINEtation : Work Plan

In Details Work Plan:

Week ending Feb 24:

    • Personal bios and contribution statements by DUE 2/21/23
    • Revised Proposal and Work Plan DUE 2/21/23
    • Kristy visit ABC No Rio 2/21/23 
    • Kristy and Zico will make the final decision on a dataset by 2/23/23. 
    • Schedule an appointment with Filipa to discuss Text Analysis with Zine Corpus 
    • Find a time and schedule an in person appointment with Jenna at Barnard
    • If imported from another resource, data will be reviewed and cleaned.
    • If the dataset is manually created, Zico will start from the top and Kristy will start from the bottom of the list to organize and clean. 
    • In person meeting at the GC on Feb. 22nd from 2-4pm
    • In person meeting at GC to complete the dataset Feb 25th at 12pm-?
    • Discuss data management plans and finalize 
    • Group Data Management Plan  DUE 2/23/23

Week ending March 3:

    • Personal journal entries reflecting on how data management can improve your research practices DUE 2/28/23
    • Project presentations discussing data management plans IN CLASS 3/1/23
    • Begin to analyze and interpret the data
    • Decide what the criteria will be and identify trends that the user will find helpful
    • Discuss outreach and social media plans and branding
    • Begin thinking about audience and the user experience for the project 
    • In person meeting at GC March 1st 2-4pm
    • Group Outreach and Social Media Plans –DUE 3/2/23

Week ending March 10:

    • Personal journal entries DUE 3/7/23
    • Project presentations on outreach and social media plans IN CLASS 3/8/23
    • Continue working with data
    • Explore which tools will satisfy the goals of the project and select the platform and begin development
    • Create logo
    • In person meeting at GC March 8th 2-4pm
    • Website draft (basic landing page, about page; methods; social media)- DUE 3/9/23

Week ending March 17:

    • Personal journal entries DUE  3/14/23
    • Group project updates DUE 3/16/23
    • In person meeting at GC March 15th 2-4pm
    • Finalize the platform 
    • Import the data to the platform

Week ending March 24:

    • Personal journal entries DUE 3/21/23
    • In person meeting at GC March 22nd 2-4pm
    • Group project updates entry Project updates: Are you hitting your milestones? Why or why not? What adjustments have you made? DUE 3/23/23

Week ending March 31:

    • Personal journal entries DUE  3/28/23  
    • In person meeting at GC March 29th 2-4pm
    • Project presentations (choose a standard background design for slides, 5-minute talks) IN CLASS 3/29/23
    • Group project update entry: Are you hitting your milestones? Why or why not? How will your group manage the upcoming hiatus over spring break? DUE 3/30/23

Week ending April 7 and April 14 (Spring Break):

    • Meet in person to tie up loose ends dates TBD
    • Are we missing anything or can we improve the project?
    • Test platform
    • Look at past Digital Showcase events and discuss our roles 
    • Reflect on what we will consider a success and what we have learned or would have done differently know what we know now

Week ending April 21:

    • Personal journal entries  DUE 4/18/23
    • Group project update entry: Are you hitting your milestones? Why or why not? What adjustments have you made? What adjustments have you made as we enter the final stretch? DUE 4/20/23

Week ending April 28: 

    • Personal journal entries  DUE 4/26/23 
    • Group project update entry DUE 4/28/23
    • Kristy makes tshirts with the project logo for Digital Showcase 🙂 

Week ending May 5:

    • Personal journal entries DUE 5/2/23
    • Project launch dress rehearsal. Invited guests TBD will visit class to offer external feedback. IN CLASS 5/3/23

Week ending May 12

    • Public project launch at the GC Digital Showcase, 5/10/23  Segal Theatre