Skills – Zico has to offer

Hi all!! It was great to see so many familiar faces after the break.

I am Zico, a DH practitioner by trait, a tech nerd by nature. Below are some of the qualities I have to offer.

Developer: I do a fair bit of programming whenever I can. Got rejected by DRI Summer Institute because the selection committee thinks that I am over qualified. I consider this as a recognition. Hey, at least somebody thinks I am good at programming!! This is probably my strongest suit i.e. learning programming languages and building projects. I use Python a lot because of its versatility and simplicity. Apart from that, I am interested in the web. Last semester, I designed websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This semester I am planning to level up and learn a JavaScript framework like React with a vision to break into the decentralized web. I have a growing number of Github repos. 

Project Manager: Although I lack experience, I typically manage my projects quite well. Managing resources, judging feasibility are some of the things I am good at. In addition, I am pretty good at maintaining deadlines. Being a developer myself, I am blessed with the ability to work closely with developers. This allows me to make time sensitive decisions. I am looking forward to leveling up my communication skills as a project manager with the non tech people.

Designer/UX: I love minimal design concepts. I have not done any professional designs. However, I have used photoshop and after effects based on demand for my project.

Research: Although I suffer from laps of concentration, my management skills always save the day. Pretty good at finding data and resources based on requirements.

Outreach: Not a social media person. I suck at convincing people buying into my ideas. I am trying to improve in this regard.