zelda’s reflections [02.07.2023]

I appreciated the readings assigned this week – it was a great way to learn and pre-reflect from the experiences of those who’ve embarked on similar journeys to the one we are starting. Reading the reflections from OWOT made me realize the importance of journaling throughout this semester with regards to our own projects. Be it for ourselves or for others, we partake in a process of reflective knowledge sharing when we journal about our experiences. Our journals can serve as a point of entry for others who join the Digital Humanities community in the future. I find it incredibly comforting and beautiful to be part of something that extends beyond myself.

I’ve been thinking a lot about More Than Surviving in the past week. I’m honored that Majel has invited others into a project that is so personal. After class last week, I couldn’t find the proper words to say how excited I am to be working on this project alongside Majel, Estefany, and Elizabeth. I’m hopeful that my past experiences with creating interactive map visualizations will be useful in our project, and that I can be proactive about using prior lessons learned to inform the long-term technical design and data infrastructure of More Than Surviving.

This past week, our group has emailed about communication preferences and roles. I’m looking forward to ironing out details for a revised group project proposal in class tomorrow!