Zico – Bio and Contribution Statement

I am a tech nerd with tech skepticism at core, an open source enthusiast, avid bug hunter, a privacy concern citizen of the world trying to manage my digital footprint carefully, always glued to my computer with an attitude to help others not to mention spread knowledge that I possess to anybody who needs it. On top of all these, I am fond of learning new things and stand in solidarity for a cause dear to my heart whenever I can.

I hold a bachelor and a master in Computer Science. Right now I am in DH. I have tons of experience doing projects. I worked as an Android System Engineer a while back. I love fixing electronic devices although I lost touch dealing with electronic circuits. My first android phone is the HTC Hero. I compiled android for my phone. De google my phone!! Last few years I worked mostly as a teaching assistant.

My research interests are computational photography, neural networks, financial market analysis, consumer behavior and human psychology. I am fond of analyzing bad data visualization and designing bad experiments to show everyone what not to do. 

I joined Kristy’s project idea with a goal to find a unique challenge that a creative medium like Zine imposes. I am here to test the limit of my ability and handle challenges. I am hoping to have a lot of fun while producing something scholarly.

Since, just the two of us have been working on this project, I do not hold a specific role. We have tons of shared roles. However, I will be the one who will mostly work on the analysis and putting the results out on the web. In that sense, I am the Core developer. We have progressed a lot in the last few days, Thanks to Kristy for all her outreaching effort to reach out to the experts of the field. She is amazing!!

Right now, I am playing the second fiddle. Soon it will be my time to shine!! I have a lot of exciting ideas. I can’t wait to share all my exciting experiments with Zines with you all.