Bio- Kristy L.

Kristy’s career began on Wall Street, where she gained experience in the world of finance and investments. She took time away from a professional career to raise children. Years later, Kristy decided to return to work at an international high school office, where she developed a passion for education and cross-cultural communication. In recent years, Kristy worked in talent acquisition for a global consumer products company, helping to build out an internship program across North America. She is a dedicated mom to three daughters and spends too much time talking about her 2 pandemic pups. She is a creative soul who enjoys traveling and considers herself a global citizen. 

Kristy has become fascinated with zines and the zine community and is determined in unscrambling, and learning everything about zines. Her favorite task is outreach and has enjoyed meeting new people and having conversations about their zine experience and work. Kristy manages the project and collects an excessive amount of zine data which she hopes one day may be useful to others.