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Bio- Kristy L.

Kristy’s career began on Wall Street, where she gained experience in the world of finance and investments. She took time away from a professional career to raise children. Years later, Kristy decided to return to work at an international high school office, where she developed a passion for education and cross-cultural communication. In recent years, Kristy worked in talent acquisition for a global consumer products company, helping to build out an internship program across North America. She is a dedicated mom to three daughters and spends too much time talking about her 2 pandemic pups. She is a creative soul who enjoys traveling and considers herself a global citizen. 

Kristy has become fascinated with zines and the zine community and is determined in unscrambling, and learning everything about zines. Her favorite task is outreach and has enjoyed meeting new people and having conversations about their zine experience and work. Kristy manages the project and collects an excessive amount of zine data which she hopes one day may be useful to others.

Personal Journal 2

We have made steady progress this week. Yay us! The original project that was proposed last semester has morphed into a different project idea but with the same theme of exploring the use of zines to amplify the voices of historically marginalized communities. Who ever knew that a mini do-it-yourself publication could be so complex! Zines come in many shapes and sizes, themes and categories and can be found through zine distributors and stores, in person zine libraries, through online zine archives and libraries, zinefests and on a variety of social media sites. We are challenged with finding metadata on zines and have also noticed that sometimes the places that collect zines focus on a specific category of zines

Last week, we attended the Reclaim the Commons meeting and had an impromptu Reclaim the Commons zine creating session. We passed out a small flyer with some information and a piece of paper folded the zine way. We asked those who were willing and interested if they could create a zine and email it to us. We used this opportunity to experiment with public zine making and we have signed up with GC PSC to offer a zine workshop. We also connected with Jenna Freeman from the Barnard Zine Library and appreciate her suggestions and offer to share some zine data.

Zico and I decided that we will be flexible with roles and know there will be lots of crossover since it is only the 2 of us. At one point this past week, I was almost at a panic attack level because I could not find the sweet spot for our project to focus on and I didn’t want to let Zico down. All I have to say is thank goodness for Zico, his humor and patience and for holding a safe space for me to throw a bunch of ideas around while we figure this out.

Personal Journal 1

Thank you, NYC for celebrating my birthday at 5 am this morning! My gift was two guys playing loud music and using a tool to remove the catalytic converter from the car outside our cracked open window. In my pre-caffeinated haze, I thought they were fixing a tire until the police arrived 10 minutes too late.
Currently, the zine dream team consists of Zico and me. Our project is progressing, we reached out to a librarian from Mina Rees who is involved with zines, and we have an idea about acquiring zines via workshops and a drop box at the GC. We have decided to collaborate with the GC community to create the zine platform and hope to end up with a template to use with future community collaborators.
I feel like I am in that pre-caffeine haze as I watch the project evolve and find itself. I appreciate Zico’s enterprising and relaxed attitude and am excited to see where development and caffeine will take us.

Kristy’s Skillset

Hey all-

I thought I would have some fun using TV characters from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Without asking mama google, can you identify each show?

MacGyver——————-Problem Solving:

I use my resourcefulness, critical thinking, and creativity to solve problems. Resiliency and persistence are traits I use to come up with outside the box solutions. As my friend Angus says, “The best way to beat a problem is to make it work for you.”

Jessica Fletcher———–Data Inquiry and Innovation:

In my recent job, I identified, organized, and analyzed data regarding internship duration for the North American early talent program to bring the company into compliance. I solved the mystery using my investigative and online research skills then created a dynamic excel spreadsheet that was shared with my human resources colleagues.

Julie McCoy—————–Outreach/Community Coordinator:

Communication, relationship building, cultural competence and empathy are a few of my skills/traits. I am happy when I am helping others, or on a cruise ship!

Julia Sugarbaker———-Visual Design:

I am in my happy place when I create. Although I do not have formal training in design, some of my acquired skills include creating a SharePoint website page with resources for employees during the pandemic. I use CanvaPro to create designs for my heat-press products and for making zines. I have fun using iMovie and Video Leap to make videos. I have played around with Adobe Creative Suite. I enjoy learning new design platforms and wish I could spend my days as a Designing Woman.

Spock————————–Technical Skills:

This is an area that I would like to improve and develop. I am growing in proficiency using IBM SPSS, ArcGIS, and WordPress. I have the typical business world tech skills, and I am trying to figure out if I am a fan of social media these days. I am a right-brain type of person and not as comfortable using code, but I am willing to put effort into working on this.  LLAP!

Zine Website for Marginalized Communities

Totally agree with the previous posts, it’s great to see everyone again! I made a zine proposal zine 😉 If you prefer, the same text is in the paragraph below.

This project proposes to create a website that presents information on the history and culture of zines, zine making instructions, a protected community page for connecting, and a gallery to display and archive zines. It aims to challenge the limited and partial social and cultural narratives that exist by empowering and encouraging marginalized communities to be authentically seen using the creative, fun, and unique medium of zines. Representing a community-collaborative platform, this would be a place to share stories, ideas, and experiences while facilitating connections with other people, beliefs, groups, causes, and interests. As part of the zine project, open and accessible in person workshops would be held to teach participants how to make analog zines and offer lessons on using digital tools to create digital zines.

During the environmental scan for the Intro to DH paper, I was excited to find a recent capstone project that has the potential to be developed with the proposed zine website project. In the Capstone Project, Exile Garden of the Uprooted, Sazia Afrin writes “Exile Garden of the Uprooted was created as a stand-alone, digital zine. If I were to develop this project more in the future, I would consider incorporating it in a series of zines that explore the topic of migration through various approaches. For instance, one approach would be to create a zine of transcribed oral histories by doing interviews with asylum seekers and people from both migrant communities and host communities.”

Afrin, Sazia, “Exile Garden of The Uprooted: A Zine About Migration and The Right to Move” (2022). CUNY Academic Works.