DirectHERS – Week 8 Group Update

During the last few days the team has been deployed on two different fronts, one is the ongoing encoding activity and the other is the construction of the website which will be the used to display some of our work.

Just a reminder, the outcome of the work we are doing is destined to sit “behind the scenes”, which means that the data we are creating will, hopefully, be part of, or contribute to, bigger and more established projects that would have a greater capacity to leverage existing, and already operational, search engines.

With this in mind, our website will be the testimony of our efforts in both learning, often creatively, how to research, review, catalogue and encode information that are not necessarily widely available nor particularly well indexed, and yes, we know that this might not be the most visually appealing outcome, BUT we are committed to do our best to make the design experience as pleasant as possible for our readers!

The palette of colours chosen is displayed below; these are also the wonderful colours of our logo!Website Palette

Under review: the font, so far we have shortlisted a bunch, but we still need to agree on one; we have used, mainly because it offers a wide variety of free options.

The idea is to have a navigation bar on top with a few tabs that will be used to move from one page to another. So far, we have included our bios, a short ‘about’ section, the project inspiration and the research part. In the pipeline: a space dedicated to tutorials and resources where to upload training material and encoding notes.  Yet to be added: our social, which will have a dedicated tab.

We are currently working on integrating a pseudo search engine which could be seen as a pilot version of what the product of our work could look like “from the stage” (just to carry on with the theatre metaphor!).

Website landing page

Tech note: the website is being constructed locally and a pilot version will be pushed to our GitHub repository later on this month. This means that the website is not yet available to be accessed by external users. On the search engine: the team is exploring 3 different avenues that could help upload a mini XML database and make it searchable.


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