Games for our WordPress site (Overbaked)

The concept for the site and the would be general look of website is done as discussed with our team. I have been researching and finding the best methods and games to incorporate in our website. There is a choice of creating the games from scratch using Python and its vast options of supporting Visual tools in creating those needed games, (later we can embed them in our website) or we can use the already tested and created games for wordpress. There are many and the choices and the preferences will be discussed with the group and we will choose the best plugins and/or use combination of Python coding in creating those games to better fit our agenda. We are definitely going to be creating a Bingo game, and I have already communicated the tools and the relevant resources with the wider group and  optionally we also want to create a trivia game, and it will in my opinion add to the fuller experience regarding our final product. There are many options going forwards and we will discuss that with our team.

On the side I am familiar with Python and I will try to create some alternatives for our games but so far we are gravitating towards proven products that already exist and are already tested. I will work  on my Python games to see if they hold up and/or can add to the experience of our website. There are many resources that will help us with that project and everything I do find I put it in our shared google document.