GS: Journal Entry (1/12), 06th Feb

*Is this the right place to publish the personal blog?*

Dear No Frills Journal,

Unlike my previous posts, I will try to keep you concise and not too poetic nor academic.

Our last DH session was quite something, I enjoyed presenting and, despite the anxiety and the long preparation, I felt very supported by the class; listening to other students’ projects was also a great exercise! In the end, I would have happily joined any of the them as they were (and are) all equally fascinating and nicely challenging.  Ultimately, I joined Miaoling’s group with her Feminist Interventions: Designing Descriptive Markup for the Japanese Women Directors Project.

The group (Miaoling, Maria, and JP) has already exchanged a number of emails and messages discussing some vital points including the original project proposal, the preferred communication channel, and the setup of our first meeting. We have definitely started off on the right food! I won’t deny that I’m quite excited to get my hands dirty with the research piece and related XML encoding.

I think it could be a good idea to bring our group’s personal journal entries together and migrate them to a separate space, however, this might add extra work, so let’s see what the group decides during our first meeting.

Meanwhile, I checked out the resources listed on this site, last tab on the right, and wow! So much good stuff; the tutorial section is formidable and I believe it’ll become handy very soon.

I’m separately working on my capstone, which is currently feeling like a stranded vessel that passively, and inefficiently, occupies a lot of headspace that badly needs some clear up! Suggestions are welcome!

I’d say it’s pretty much it for the moment (less than 300 words yeyyy!) – cheers!