Personal Journal 1

Thank you, NYC for celebrating my birthday at 5 am this morning! My gift was two guys playing loud music and using a tool to remove the catalytic converter from the car outside our cracked open window. In my pre-caffeinated haze, I thought they were fixing a tire until the police arrived 10 minutes too late.
Currently, the zine dream team consists of Zico and me. Our project is progressing, we reached out to a librarian from Mina Rees who is involved with zines, and we have an idea about acquiring zines via workshops and a drop box at the GC. We have decided to collaborate with the GC community to create the zine platform and hope to end up with a template to use with future community collaborators.
I feel like I am in that pre-caffeine haze as I watch the project evolve and find itself. I appreciate Zico’s enterprising and relaxed attitude and am excited to see where development and caffeine will take us.