MTS Week 13—Rounding the Bend

It feels like the course end is suddenly closing in fast. We’ve done so much in the past weeks, and most of the team even anticipated trucking along through the break—but, surprise, people needed an actual break. The amount that has been done so far is so impressive and we have so much to be proud of—at this point we just need to tie it all up into a shareable experience so people can really see and feel that effort. 

“Just” I say— but, yet it is a “just.” Just be honest with ourselves about what is doable, where we are, and where we can get. I feel positive about what we can still accomplish, but I am looking forward to sharing space with the team so we can get aligned and feel each others energy as we start to bring the project to shareable life. Everyone has been asked to take a look at their own work streams and consider places they can simplify and consolidate so we can discuss what places to streamline while getting us as close to our vision as we can. 

As for me personally, before the break, in the days just before the break I closed out the research portion of the project and briefly shifted my focus to my other classes to make sure everything was in a good position for my return (I was on a family trip that made it impossible to work). Now that we are back, I am devoting as much time as I can to writing the remaining front end copy (finished the glossary today!—anticipate the front end copy done this week), and supporting on outreach (specifically social content). These are all within my wheelhouse, so I currently feel good about getting myself in the position to finetune our presentation materials in a timely manner—family and other courses-permitting.