GS: Journal Entry (9/12), 19th April

Dear Journal,

First and foremost, I hope everyone had a fantastic break! Our team managed to get some ‘breathing space’ as everyone had the chance to either travel or see their beloved ones – or both! Nevertheless, we all kept working with alacrity on the project.

The research team provided additional directors’ bios and further contents to upload to our website, and compiled more XML files which are in the process of being reviewed for the search engine functionality. Personally, I have connected with almost everyone during the break to chat about how to manage online contents and what to display in our final webpage.

The list of tags has grown exponentially, which was somehow expected considering how difficult it is to map one’s life (especially someone we do not personally know) based on what is available online.  Work is in progress to consolidate the list we currently have and related definitions.

It is noticeable how the project has shifted from a relatively niche subset of filmmakers to a much broader pool of artists – I believe the more we explore the more we find unrecognized talents (particularly women) across a vast range of regions. In this sense, we are attempting to find an easy way to present our efforts during the final presentation as we are in agreement on how difficult it might be for someone outside our project to get a clear grasp of the purpose of our ‘datification’ mission.