MTS—Week 13 Team Update

We’ve streamlined, fine-tuned and realigned and we’re now a lean-mean-closing machine. We’ve cut back on unessential functionality and more expansive content, and have opted for a pared down but still highly engaging and impactful first iteration of the project. The project, via visual design and content curation, has a tight focus that drives home the key issue areas that concerned Wampanoag activists and how they fit into the larger landscape of activity during the era. Color coding and UX guidance to explanatory copy equips visitors with the context needed to walk away with, hopefully, a distance impression of our intentions.


Estefany is working on generating launch posts for our social channels based on templates that highlight key aspects of the project content. She is pulling copy from the research documents to account for captions and longer format expressions. 

Next steps:

  • Design highlights
  • Start posting 



Zelda is creating CSS stylesheets and front end layouts based on finalized wireframes. Elizabeth is styling the timeline and populating entries. Connections between the database and functional elements (map/timeline) are ongoing. Our goal is to be fine-tuning a fully functioning site by the end of next week.  

Next steps:

  • Create up-to-date JSON with the live database
  • Purchase platform space and activate freestanding database after troubleshooting local expression



Estefany has already starting building our following (almost at 30 as of posting). She’s branded our social accounts and started following key accounts and spreading awareness by word of mouth. Some team members are planning on attending the Columbia University Powwow this weekend to enjoy the event and potentially make additional connections.


Next steps:

  • Launch social next week
  • Emails to key folks once the website is launched.
  • Continued social audience building


Research of the short list of core activists and events is entered into the database with relevant copy, images, and mapping coordinates. Time permitting we will add more—but the priority now is to get a functioning project that demonstrates our concept. 

Next steps:

  • Majel and Elizabeth  to wrap up the remaining site copy (about us page, timeline specific blurbs) and assist with outreach. 
  • Updates to the project presentation deck