Personal Journal Week 2

Week 2

It was great to meet with my team during class. We were able to think further think  about our roles and organization process. I am thankful that Majal provide a supplemental  reading titled Indian Slavery in Colonial America by Allen Gallay.  It helped us understand the colonial events and how the Wampanoag tribe were affected.

On Sunday, the team and I met to further discuss our proposal and the community agreements. I think we all have a better understanding of how this project will be planned until for the remainder of the semester.

One question I keep coming back to is how do we make sure that the archive doesn’t disappear in years to come. I think this project is important. From my last course, I remember clicking on DH projects and some would not work. So, hopefully with our team we can come to a solution.

I officially got accepted to participate in the Carnegie Seminar on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Decolonizing the Humanities. I am excited to learn how I can integrate what I learn in my project and also in the seminar.




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