SKILLS: Maria Baker


Most of the things I’ve pursued revolve around storytelling, performance, and communication. I trained as an actor, a dancer, and a writer and worked as a cultural critic for a newspaper. So, the result is: extensive knowledge of the dramatic arts (stage and screen) and the practical and theoretical aspects of narrative/story and genres. I love finding ways to structure and dramatize all kinds of material/data to utilize their narrative potential.

Graphic design and photography:

I’ve created and published several multi-media photo + graphic design art projects (these also experimented with the relationship between image and text). And I have designed newsletters and promo materials for two theaters and one independent magazine. I’m not super great at fancy graphic design programs, but I am good at considering visual rhetorical strategies and conceptualizing a publication: How could this be structured, how should it be navigated, and how does it communicate its intent/content to an audience?


I have an MFA in writing, teach a creative thinking and multi-modal comp class, and work at a writing center, so rhetoric and composition always inform my approach. For previous projects, I‘ve also written successful grant and conference proposals.

Related interests and areas of research: 

Multilingual composition, constructed languages, language and gender, and a critical engagement with the still considerable cultural potency of Englishes. 

Project management: 

I’ve managed a theater school, play festivals, and an architect’s office, and I have led a few collaborative projects that straddle online and IRL components. One of them is an ongoing community story project with older adults. I’d say I am good at developing workflow strategies, and timelines, and can keep track of the various strands of a multifaceted project. I’m also pretty good at anticipating the unanticipated and responding to practical challenges.


Um… not yet.

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