Teddy’s skillset

I can’t seem to figure out what the actual format of these from the examples, so I’m just gonna put some stuff down. My Commons site is here if you want more info or examples of any of this stuff: https://noveldrawl.commons.gc.cuny.edu

Background: I’m a linguist (BA), polyglot, former teacher and tutor, instructional technologist, usually the resident accessibility expert, and digital archivist. I’m also an author and researcher. A lot of these words probably feel like they don’t mean anything, but that’s what I do. In linguistics, my research is in computational and corpus linguistics with a focus on transgender dialectology.

Right out the gate, what I’m best with:

-Research. I can find literally anything I’m determined to find, especially on the internet. I grew up in the wild west of the internet–I can find anything, and probably find it for free.

-Presenting. Y’all in this class already know I’m a great presenter- and no, I won’t be humble about it because I’m gonna let myself have a moment where I believe I’m good at something. ANYWAY.

-Teaching. I do it now, have been doing it since I was 16. I just explain stuff well.

-Archiving. Access to ARCH aside, I have been doing hobby archiving projects for years in addition to the professional experience I now have from working with the Internet Archive.

-Website design. Been coding basic sites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript since 2012, taught myself!

If you gave me this role I’d cry and fail us all:

-Outreach. As bubbly as I am and good with public-facing stuff, I cannot talk to individual people and will have a meltdown.

-Programming. I can do it in a pinch but it’ll take me forever and really stress me out please don’t do that to me.

-Developing. No skills in this.