A lot has happened over the last few week. I lost home and found a new home in DirectHERS!! I will take this opportunity to show my gratitude towards Miaoling, Maria, Gemma and JP for including me in the process.

So what is my role? I hold a floating role in the group which is just perfect for me. This will provide me the opportunity to involve in every process where contribution is required.

So what have I done so far? I attended a media and outreach plan rehearsal presentation of Maria. Provided my feedback on the plan and contribute with some written on technical aspect. Wrote a twitter scrapper. Also, I found a way to scrape linkedin in case the group requires.

So what the future holds? I am in the process of designing a workshop for the group which I will briefly present on Wednesday focusing on how to scrape twitter for mentions and hashtags. I will meet Gemma Tuesday to figure out about the searching of xml. Also, I have already worked on a resource what Filipa has forwarded for us to publish xml in the web. I have a demo for that as well, would present if necessary. Last but not the least, I will write a Instagram scrapper whenever I can.

In a nutshell, I am here to help the group in every way possible. I got their backs!! In the process, it is a great opportunity for me to see the whole project unfolding and gathering expertise that I do not usually excel.