Ob&Up: Website Start and Concept

Below are a few things about the beginnings of our website. RC is designing and developing the site. 

Two Considerations that determined the preliminary design:

Words first: Since this is a project about language, we’ve decided to work with a text-focused approach (as opposed to showing delicious cakes). We purposely wanted to strip the site of any visual opulence.

Color Inspiration: The color scheme is influenced by one of the images prevalent in the GBBS opening sequences. 


Here is a look at the (top of the) landing page:

We want to lead with (an) interactive game/s. Bingo and/or perhaps trivia. For now, while Nuraly investigates the game designed possibility, you’ll see a placeholder that shows PBS’s GBBS Bingo card — an existing card RC found (!) that is much, um, greener and has a much broader focus than our game, which will solely feature judging language. 

Preliminary tabs at the bottom of the landing page include those featured below.. These might change depending on where our research findings lead us. We might have a collection of corpus visualizations that we’d like to share, additional games, or related digressions. So, tbd.

We’ve posted a link to the site in progress in the class google doc. The tabs are already functional and populated with relevant preliminary content.