Kristy’s Skillset

Hey all-

I thought I would have some fun using TV characters from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Without asking mama google, can you identify each show?

MacGyver——————-Problem Solving:

I use my resourcefulness, critical thinking, and creativity to solve problems. Resiliency and persistence are traits I use to come up with outside the box solutions. As my friend Angus says, “The best way to beat a problem is to make it work for you.”

Jessica Fletcher———–Data Inquiry and Innovation:

In my recent job, I identified, organized, and analyzed data regarding internship duration for the North American early talent program to bring the company into compliance. I solved the mystery using my investigative and online research skills then created a dynamic excel spreadsheet that was shared with my human resources colleagues.

Julie McCoy—————–Outreach/Community Coordinator:

Communication, relationship building, cultural competence and empathy are a few of my skills/traits. I am happy when I am helping others, or on a cruise ship!

Julia Sugarbaker———-Visual Design:

I am in my happy place when I create. Although I do not have formal training in design, some of my acquired skills include creating a SharePoint website page with resources for employees during the pandemic. I use CanvaPro to create designs for my heat-press products and for making zines. I have fun using iMovie and Video Leap to make videos. I have played around with Adobe Creative Suite. I enjoy learning new design platforms and wish I could spend my days as a Designing Woman.

Spock————————–Technical Skills:

This is an area that I would like to improve and develop. I am growing in proficiency using IBM SPSS, ArcGIS, and WordPress. I have the typical business world tech skills, and I am trying to figure out if I am a fan of social media these days. I am a right-brain type of person and not as comfortable using code, but I am willing to put effort into working on this.  LLAP!